Blair Bryant is one of the most talented young musicians in the Kansas City area. As bass specialist, Blair has teamed up with Joe on Joe's original song "Angel Of Love," which Blair produced, as well as Blair's cover of "Outstanding" by the Gap Band. Joe and Blair are often performing together at various local shows in Kansas City.

One of the true legendary music legends in Kansas City, few have shown as much faith in and support for Joe Gallant the way Crayge Lindesay has. He is an extremely accomplished engineer, producer, and musician, having worked with acts ranging from local talent to international stars. His repertoire of artists consists of Bloodstone, Norman Brown, Luniz, Lisa Stansfield, Aaron Hall, and so many more.

Soulful Sounds- Joe Gallant's ​Musical Style


As one of Kansas City's premier bands when it comes to live music, Mo' Betta has been taking the city by storm. The band features a collective of talented musicians and vocalists, including Joe Gallant and Blair Bryant, and is constantly performing at various public venues and private shows

Mo' Betta Blues Band

​The Groove Agency

​Crayge Lindesay

While much of today's R&B music has taken on a new style, Joe Gallant is attempting to reach back to the roots of soul music. Joe draws influence from the nostalgic sounds of blues, Doo Wop, and the sweet soulful melodies of the 60s and 70s, while also incorporating his own modern twist, using components of Neo Soul and today;s popular music. Discussing where his inspiration comes from, he says, "I grew up on this kind of music. This is what I really enjoy performing, and because of that, my own original material reflects my love for the soul music genre. To me, soul music is a mix of beautiful melodies that are complex in their richness yet simple in their reception by the audience, meaningful and relatable lyrics, and an authenticity in the delivery of the music by the musicians and the vocalist. This is what I go for in my songs and performances."

Joe Gallant 

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A fixture in the live music scene in Kansas City, the Groove Agency is a collective of some of Kansas City's most well-known and experienced musicians, often featuring Joe Gallant on lead vocals. Their notoriety stretches across the country, and they often perform classic dance hits at corporate and private gigs.

​Blair Prince Bryant